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Hello August.  July felt like August, so let’s imagine/hope that August will feel like September.  Although I have been racing on Wednesday nights with Capt. Spittler, I have not been out sailing on my own boat much lately.  Cathy and I are upgrading several systems on the boat in preparation for a trip to the Bahamas.  I will not go into details here, but I am happy to bore you with project stories over a beer.  I am trying to do most of the work myself, but I must thank Cobbs’ and Howdy Bailey’s teams for all their support, guidance, and assistance. 

Otherwise, the Leo Wardrup Cape Charles Cup is always on my mind now.  Everything is coming together for August 9th – 11th.  If you have not registered, you still have time.  The discount period is over, but you can still sign up.  Hope to see you there.  See related article below.  FYI.  On Saturday, I will be taking photos from our son’s black center console called Earesponsible.  Be sure to smile and look nautical as we pass by. 

We have some cruises scheduled for the first weekend in August, which may be over by the time you sit down to read this.  Thanks to Sergio Diehl and Misty Smith for coordinating the annual cruise to Cape Charles for the Shuck and Suck and to John Scott for leading a cruise to Norfolk’s Hospital Point to anchor and attend a Norfolk Tides game.  After the Cape Charles Cup, we are a little light on cruises, so if you want to lead one, please let Cathy know and she can help you spread the word. 

I also must mention the long-distance cruisers Ed and Aimee Darling on Amara and Jonathan Romero on Tempo.  They sailed offshore to Block Island and are bouncing around Long Island Sound as I write this letter.    Sounds like they are having a fantastic trip and we look forward to tales from the North.

Starting to think about next year

It is never too soon to start planning for next year and how you can get more involved.  Please consider joining one of our volunteer committees or becoming a board member.  In addition, the Cape Charles Cup planning committee always needs new recruits.  Please reach out to me, Stephanie Sweeney, or an existing board member if you have questions or want to express interest.   You can find our list of officers and volunteer coordinators at the end of the Banter (below).  

If you are interested in training on topics related to sailing, racing, safety, or boat maintenance, we have a need for a training coordinator and training assistants.  Please consider volunteering.  We already have a few volunteers to help maintain the website, but we could still use more.  Training for web admins will begin soon. 

Our next membership meeting will be held on August 20, 2019 at Sergio Diehl’s house.  Annually, Sergio and Misty offer their home and pool for a casual potluck and pool party.  Look for more details below. 

Welcome to new members

In June, four new members joined or renewed their memberships with BBSA.  Please welcome:

  • Lynnie Callahan
  • Michelle Dowdy
  • Hope Wright

They are looking for crewing opportunities, so look them up in the membership directory and contact them if you need crew. 

Website Tip:

Most of our activity topics, such as LCSA, Willoughby and Cape Charles Cup, are presented on the website with multiple pages.  One of those pages is labeled “Documents”.  We try to put all relevant supporting documents on those pages as shown below.  If you are looking for something, try looking there first. 

In the example above, you can see critical documents for the Cape Charles Cup.  To get the most recent version, always check here. 

Have a great August.

Eric Brinsfield

s/v Flight Risk

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