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Fantastic Sailing in May!!

Even though May 2019 went down as one of the hottest Mays ever, we were treated to some excellent sailing days.  I crew on Wharf Rat on Wednesday nights in Little Creek and I don’t think we have had a bad night for racing yet.  During our cruises to Yorktown and then to Mobjack Bay, our engines were feeling neglected going up to Yorktown or East River and going back.  Let’s hope the Southern Bay Race Week weather was not a harbinger and the wind holds up in June for our long cruises.   


We have many activities planned for June, as you can tell from the Upcoming Events @-a-Glance.  Be sure to look for details on each event below.  I hope everyone can join us for at least one of the BBSA races, cruises, and activities. 

We still have many members who do not get the opportunity to take part in a cruise or a race but might like to meet other members for a social gathering.  If you would like to help lead or coordinate a social event, please let me know.   For example, I have often thought it would be nice to take a BBSA group tour through the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Brock Environmental Center, followed by an optional dinner at a nearby restaurant.  If you have an idea or want to organize an event, please send me an email at

New Members Offer Help

Several new members have contacted me saying they are sailors but do not have boats at this time.  They still want to get on the water if possible.  In most cases, we can easily get them on a racing boat as crew, but others are looking for more casual day sails or evening sails.  We even have one new member who has offered to help do work on your boat.  He wants to learn how to maintain a boat. 

If you have a sailboat, but you tend not to take her out, because you need crew, let me know.  If you cannot complete your maintenance or repairs, because you need some extra hands, let me know.  Maybe you have a new boat and just want some experienced sailors riding along to build your confidence.  If this turns out to be a common need, we can set up a mechanism to connect people on the website.  For now, I just want to assess the needs or opportunities.  Contact me at

Great Scott!!  Where is he going?

As most of you know, Scott Almond is stepping down next year as the BBSA Racing Fleet Captain.  He is not going away, but significantly reducing his workload.  New member, Bob Magoon, and veteran member, Jay Thompson, have volunteered to fill the role of BBSA Racing Fleet Captain and begin training with Scott now.  I really cannot thank Bob and Jay enough. 

The Racing Fleet Captain is an elected position, but we need to get started on the knowledge transfer as soon as possible.  Based on mutual agreement between Bob and Jay, I will officially nominate one of these two.  If you are interested in the job, please throw your name in the hat now so you can share in the apprenticeship.  Elections are in November. 

I want to thank Bob, who is a new member in BBSA, for stepping up.  He knows that he has lots to learn and is eager to meet the challenge.  He is not yet certified as a Principle Race Officer (PRO), but has taken the Race Management training.  He crews on many boats and already works with Scott on racing issues.  With his management background, I think he would do a great job. 

Jay is a seasoned racer with race management experience.  Mostly he wants to help the club and will work with us to ensure we continue to have great races for BBSA members.   Thanks Jay!  As Scott, Bob, and Jay work together, we will all figure out the best arrangement for next year and the following years.  We will write more on this transition as we have details.  

In the process, we are trying to trim back the responsibilities of the Racing Fleet Captain.  Consequently, we will need more Race Officers, people who are qualified and willing to organize and run a race.  The new Racing Fleet Captain will need several other support people, so please let us know if you can support the BBSA in this way.  We will need a team to replace Scott Almond. 

Scott has also been very active in Cape Charles Cup organization and planning, performing tasks that are not part of the Racing Fleet Captain’s job.  Please reach out to Christina and Ben Ritger if you can help support that event.  Most of the jobs are short annual activities. 

Website Notes

When we rolled out the new website, I set up several forums for skipper-crew matching, but so far this has not really been successfully adopted by skippers and crew.  We still need a mechanism to facilitate the matching of skippers to crew and crew to boats, so I may be making some changes over the next few weeks.  Rather than managing separate forums for each racing group, such as Willoughby and LCSA, I will likely create one single skipper-crew match facility that can also be used by cruisers or day sailors.   The old forums will likely be deleted.  Look for an announcement soon. 


Please welcome the following new members, who have joined since April 1, 2019.  Several have already joined us on cruises or in races. 

  •  Joe and Connie Bostwick – s/v CoJo
  • Jeff Horneff – p/v Dizzy Rascal
  • Kevin Larkin
  • Gaylon and Jeanine Montgomery – s/v Beautania
  •  Charles (Chuck) Mooring – s/v La Luna
  • Elizabeth Paasch
  • Evan Stallings

Welcome back to returning past members:

  • Kenneth Carbaugh – s/v Chapulin
  • Martin Casey – s/v Life of Riley
  • Carey Hardesty – p/v Duke
  • Dick McCrillis  - s/v Courageous
  • Dave Wilbar – s/v Knee Deep

Welcome Back

Finally, I just wanted to welcome all the returning snow birders, who were lounging around down south in the warmth, while the rest of us were trying to stay warm up here in Hampton Roads this past winter.  We may be calling on you to teach us the ropes of cruising in the Bahamas or picking the best spots in Florida. 

Have a great June and see you on the water. 

Eric Brinsfield
BBSA Commodore

NOTE:  Prior Commodore's Corners can be found in the Banter archive

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