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So Few for So Many

Cathy and I moved to Hampton Roads in 2014 and we joined BBSA in 2015 due to the recruiting efforts of Sergio Diehl, Chip Jones, and Andy Spittler.  Not sure why they targeted me, but I am glad they did.  We love all our fellow sailors in BBSA.  We did not become truly active until 2016 during which we participated in many fun and interesting BBSA events and cruises.  I joined the board in 2017 as a trainee and now I serve as commodore.  This prelude, however, is not about me.  My last three years, getting to know the board members, have been an eye-opener.

We have about 173 active memberships, some of which include a spouse pair.  If we count significant others who are listed in the membership database, we have 290 active members.   We are a large group with lots of varied interests.  After working with the leaders of the club for three years, I have learned that we have a small group of exceptional contributors that we need to thank.  I would like to take that opportunity now to feature some of those who have given to BBSA for several years

Scott Almond, Racing Fleet Captain +

As many of you know, Scott is stepping down as Racing Fleet Captain at the end of this year.  He has served in this role for 17 years, which is amazing.  In addition, he has done even more than is required by a Racing Fleet Captain and professional race officer (PRO).  He has given us his time in many other jobs, including webmaster and Cape Charles Cup accountant.  I did not know him when he started, but now he is one of the most impressive, organized, and responsible and giving people I know.  He is a meticulous PRO, even if he does lose a start mark occasionally.  I just cannot say enough about how much he does for BBSA and the entire sailing community. 

We also need to thank Megan Almond and their two boys for supporting us as well.  Megan has shared Scott with us for years and she has worked hard in the background to support our activities, selling tickets, packing bags, and more.  Thanks Megan. 

Sergio Diehl, Treasurer +

Sergio has been a member of the club since 2001.  He has served as commodore, vice commodore, treasurer, cruise captain, membership chair, and more.  He creates our printed roster each year.  He advises the board, as a group and individually, as a perpetual rear commodore.  He has been coordinating and arranging all the logistics (docking, food, volunteers, supplies, payments, and agreements) with Cape Charles marinas and vendors for the Leo Wardrup Memorial Cape Charles Cup.  We appreciate Misty’s understanding and support. 

Let’s hope he stays with us many more years.  Thanks Sergio!

Jerry and Jean Pattenaude

Jerry is not just the One Design Captain, but a leader who watches the operations of the club and ensures that we have someone to do everything.  He manages several regattas each year and actively participates in most BBSA events and meetings.  Of course, I cannot mention Jerry without also highlighting Jean, who displays a true love of the group and is always trying to make us a better club.  She served as commodore with distinction.  They have both been critical to the success of BBSA.  Thanks for all your hard work. 

Karl Shulenburg, Editor of the Banter

Karl has compiled and generated the Banter each month for 7 years.  With a new batch of officers each year, he learns how to squeeze out a monthly article from each contributor each month.  Often these volunteers are extremely busy with work or need help in learning what they need to provide.  Karl has incredible patience and diplomatic persistence.  Thank you so much for working hard to bring us the Banter each month. 

Hank Giffin, Chairman Emeritus for Cape Charles Cup

Hank Giffin led the Cape Charles Cup planning committee for several years, but since then has been totally committed to the cause.  He has provided the glue that pulls new committee members and old together to create a consistent regatta each year.  He works as the safety net to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.  I would like to personally thank Hank for all that he has done for the Leo Wardrup Memorial Cape Charles Cup and BBSA.    

Randy Goodman, too many titles to list

Randy has also served as the chairman of the Cape Charles Cup committee.  He brought many new ideas and techniques to the process.  I think he was responsible for the incredible growth in the event over the past few years.  In addition, Randy has served as the coordinator for Little Creek Sailing Association for multiple years and this past winter brought us a very interesting educational program.  He has always stepped up to get things done.  Thank you. 

Many More

I realize that many other people have contributed to this level in the past and that many other people are still contributing today.  I hope I have not slighted anyone, but I feel that the members listed above really need some thanks and appreciation.  They stand out for their long-term commitment.   Most of our members have no idea how much these people do, so take my word for it.  BBSA would not be the same without them. 

Thank you to Scott, Sergio, Karl, Jerry, Jean, Hank and Randy.  My experience as commodore has been very positive because of the support of people like you.    

Another Successful Leo Wardrup Memorial Cape Charles Cup

Thank you Christina and Ben Ritger, LWMCCC Co-Chairs

I cannot believe we did it.  Everything came together for another fantastic Cape Charles Cup event, even though the wind and currents were not very cooperative.  I want to thank Christina and Ben Ritger for leading the planning, coordination, arrangement and execution of this wonderful event.  With the help of the CCC Committee, Christina and Ben successfully managed dinner, music, skipper’s bags, registrations, apparel orders and sales, and auctions and raffles for the Friday night Skippers’ Meeting, the race on Saturday including the schooner class, docking, the dinner, band, check-in, awards, auctions and raffles for Saturday night.   Although Sunday’s race was abandoned, they still had all the resources prepared to run the race. 

I list all these details, but each is just the tip of a separate iceberg.  Under the water, you will find many volunteers and lots of planning and execution.  I cannot take the space here to list all the volunteers, but I want to thank them all.  I am sure all the racers appreciate all the hard work.  Again, I want to thank Christina for leading the charge this year and bringing her culinary expertise to the table.  Ben deserves a big thank you for all his hard work, not to mention his musical talents. 

Coming Soon!! 2020

We are looking for new volunteers to serve in many leadership and supportive roles for 2020.  Please consider helping BBSA and the LWM Cape Charles Cup next year.  Some of the specific openings that we need to fill include:

  • ·         Education Captain
    As an elected board member, this person is responsible for planning our training sessions for the year.  This include winter training, usually on Saturdays when it is too cold to sail.  We need sessions on racing techniques as well as general sailing and boating skills.  Sail trim is always a favorite, but boat maintenance and safety are also candidate topics.  The Education leader will also help the commodore find speakers for membership meetings and other events throughout the year.  With the help of the BBSA board, this person would arrange venues for training and recruit volunteers to help run the training. 
  • ·         Cruise Captain
    As an elected board member, this person recruits other cruisers to lead weekend or longer cruises to various locations on the Bay or beyond.  We have a more detailed job description, but the biggest responsibility is ensuring that the cruises are publicized and helping the individual cruise captains organize their event.
  • ·         LWM Cape Charles Cup Chairperson or Co-Chair
    Ben and Christina have ventured into new careers so really need to step down from their current roles.  Please consider taking the reins of the CCC Committee with assistance from the older members.  It is a big but rewarding job.  The process is well-documented (in Navy-speak that means there is a POA&M).  You will have lots of support.  Please talk to me if you are even slightly interested. 

    In addition, the CCC Committee needs some new blood.  We need additional members to help plan the event.  Some roles may prohibit competing in the races, but not all roles do.  Please consider joining us. 
  • ·        
  • ·         Possible new roles:
  • o   Volunteer Coordinator
  • o   Social Chair
  • ·         General Volunteers
    I probably did not do a great job defining volunteer roles this year, but we do need you.  I hope to help next year’s commodore identify volunteer opportunities and provide a method for coordination and education.  Before the end of the year, I hope to publish some options on the website and how you can sign-up. 

Welcome to new members

In August, three new members joined BBSA.  Please welcome:

  • ·         Stephen Arrendale
  • ·         Rachel Harris
  • ·         Terry and Cindy Sadowski

Website Tip of the Month:

This month I tackled the issue of helping BBSA members find a spot as crew with a racing skipper.  I am experimenting with some new fields on your membership profile.  With these new fields, you can indicate your interest and availability to crew for various events.  Using your profile, you can control whether you show up in a search for crew.  Set your parameters and turn it on or off based on your availability. 

Click on your name at the top of the web page to see your profile.  At the bottom of your profile, you will see the fields depicted below.  They will all be empty until you fill them in.  Click on the Edit button to enter information.  After you fill in the information requested, you can still turn it on or off at any time, such as when you are on vacation.  The information remains but is not displayed to skippers.  To turn it off, just set “Show me in a search for crew” to No.   

I have created some sample search reports, but I will be spreading these over to specific racing events to make the search easier.  The sample below is preliminary and may change.  This shows the search parameters that you can enter. 

The resulting report is also still in draft mode, but here is what you might see.  For now, I am the only crew candidate.  I hope others will enter their information after this discussion.

To see more information about the crew candidate, click on the members name.  Because this is association with the member profile, this feature is only available for members. 

Please let me know what you think.  Am I barking up the wrong tree? 


Eric Brinsfield
s/v Flight Risk

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