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See you in May

I recently posted the following announcement on Facebook and on the BBSA website, but I am repeating it in the Commodore’s Corner for those that may have missed it. 

Cathy and I are cruising to Exumas, Bahamas on our sailboat, a 47-foot Beneteau called Flight Risk.  We have been planning the trip for many years, but more seriously starting last November.  For those not familiar with Bahamas geography, the Exumas are a series of islands in the southern part, which were not impacted by Dorian. 

I will continue my duties as Commodore remotely and our Vice Commodore, Stephanie Sweeney, will cover for me while I am gone.  She will organize and run the November membership meeting and potluck at ODU Sailing Center.   Sergio Diehl has the Annual Banquet in January well in hand. 

We left Oct 26 via the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and will stay on the ICW until Beaufort, NC. From there we will start taking offshore hops to Wrightsville Beach, NC, Charleston, SC and other stops until we get to Jacksonville, FL.  We will leave the boat there for a week, while we drive back home for Thanksgiving. 

The house has a sitter and everything else is closed down.  Who knew that Cox offers a seasonal plan so that you can reduce your TV and Internet charges while you are gone.   

On returning to the boat after Thanksgiving, we will head further south to Miami with the goal of crossing over to the Bahamas from Government Cut.  Depending on the weather and situation, we will check into the Bahamas at either Great Harbor (Bullock’s Harbor) or Chub Key, both in the Berry Islands.  After exploring the Berrys a bit, we will head further south to the Exumas and beyond.  Of course, everything I have said is subject to change.  We are learning to be flexible. 

Assuming that we are enjoying ourselves, we will stay until sometime in April when we will start heading north again. We should be back in the Hampton Roads area by early May.  I will try not to post on Facebook every day, because you would eventually get tired and unfriend me.  I am trying to set up a blog site, but it is still a work in progress.  More later. 

Congrats Little Creek Sailing Association

Our last membership meeting at the Bold Mariner Brewery worked out very well.  The new space on the second floor was perfect for a meeting and potluck.  We had a great turnout.  Congratulations to Little Creek Sailing Association for winning the coveted Bold Mariner Cup.  Thanks to Bold Mariner for supporting the race and for hosting our event. 

Winding Down

The year is winding down (again), but we still have a few events planned as you can see by the “Events At a Glance” and the descriptions below.  Please join us for the November membership meeting for the annual Friendsgiving Celebration and potluck at Old Dominion University Sailing Center.  At this meeting, we also hold the annual elections of new officers.  Please come and cast your vote and meet the new board members.  For more details, go to:

Membership Renewal

Please consider renewing your membership now.  When you do, you can also buy tickets to the Annual Banquet in January.  Unfortunately, I will miss the banquet because I will be in the Bahamas, but please come.  It is great fun and the food is fantastic at the Cavalier Gold and Yacht Club.  For more details, go to:

To renew your membership:

  • Log into the BBSA website
  • Click on your name at the top right of the Home page
  • Scroll down until you see the Renew Membership button.
  • Follow the instructions to renew and also specify the number of people that will be attending the banquet. 


Eric Brinsfield
s/v Flight Risk

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