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Welcome to Red Baron's RRS Discussion

BBSA Sailors,

Racing rules seminars during the winter are coming to a close and racing season starts in April. John McCarthy’s “Morning with Murphy” on 18 February 2023, at ODU was a great event with awesome attendance. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I. We have the finished Racing Rule Seminar below and will continue to review and improve the modules.

We highlighted key words in red font and added some comments in blue font to help explain various points. Diagrams were also added to help explain some of the rules since the rules have no diagrams of boats maneuvering. We carefully researched with some experienced sailors to avoid mistakes but always appreciate any feedback to help improve the project as we will keep it as a reference and then update with the new version of rules in 2025.

As slides are updated, you will find the links below annotated with ***update***. Hope you find this useful as we all strive to become better sailors.

Edward (Red) Baron

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