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Leo Wardrup Memorial Cape Charles Cup 

Classes and Fleet Listing

There are multiple classes racing, each with its own starting time to stagger the fleets. BBSA Racing Fleet Captain Jay Thompson and the Principle Race Officers, Bob Magoon and Brian Deibler, along with the race committee volunteers will ensure smooth sailing for everyone. 

2022 Boat Photos

Registered boats and photos to-date:  2022 Boats

2021 Entry List

2021 Scratch Sheet 
For competitor boat photos, see below.  

Principle Race Officers:

  • Bob Magoon
  • Brian Deibler

PHRF Classes

There are multiple PHRF classes, including A, B, C and separate non-spinnaker classes for single and double headsails. You must have a valid PHRF rating to compete in one of these classes. If you don't know what that is, you probably belong in one of the cruising classes.  PHRF non-spinnaker participants will receive an 18 second/mile handicap bonus for Cape Charles Cup PHRF Division Trophy calculations. 

Cruising and Other Classes

There are several Cruising classes (you will be assigned to the correct class depending on your boat) plus Multihull/CMA, and ORC classes with assigned ratings. 

2021 Race Committee

RC Boat:  Sojourner - Preston and Sherry Carraway

RC Boat:  Barefoot'n - Brian and Kim Deibler

Mark Boat:  Holokai II - Bill and Judy Pardee

Race Committee Volunteers

  • Scott Almond
  • Bob Magoon
  • Donna Magoon
  • Preston Carraway
  • Sherry Carraway
  • Brian Deibler
  • Kim Deibler
  • Jim DiSomma
  • Kim DiSomma
  • Ashley Wells
  • Lauren Small
  • Chistine Radvanyi
  • Vicki Bristow
  • Bill Pardee
  • Judy Pardee


  • Stephanie DeMarco

2021 Competitor Boat Photos (alphabetical)


Skipper:  John Skirven  Class:  Cruising  Make: Hunter  Sail #: 93015


Skipper:  Kent Utley  Class:  Cruising  Make: Tartan 3700  Sail #: 73700


Skipper:  Christina Ritger  Class:  PHRF N (1HS)  Make: Dufour Classic 50  Sail #: 12


Skipper:  Justin Morris  Class:  Cruising  Make: Catalina 36MkII (tall rig)  Sail #: 

No photo provided


Skipper:  Claude Speed  Class:  CRCA (non-spin)  Irwin CC  Sail #: 2703


Skipper:  Tom Edwards Class:  Cruising Make: Pearson 30 Sail #:318

Bad Habit

Skipper:  Robert Archer  Class:  PHRF B  Make: Pearson Flyer  Sail #: 31222

Base Runner

Skipper:  Larry Baun  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: Tartan 37-1 CB  Sail #: 21607

Bay Dreamer

Skipper:  Steve Purman  Class:  Cruising  Make: Niagara  Sail #: 83328


Skipper:  Julianne DeGraw Fettus  Class:  PHRF B  Make: Cherubini Ketch  Sail #: 627627

Black Dog

Skipper:  James Beaudry  Class:  Cruising  Make: Hunter Legend 35.5  Sail #: H-35.5

Black Widow

Skipper:  Ken Copeland  Class:  PHRF N (2HS)  Make: Irwin 38  Sail #: 3230


Skipper:  Bob Hausmann  Class:  PHRF N (2HS)  Make: Catalina 30  Sail #: 4811


Skipper:  Robert Eash  Class:  CRCA (non-spin)  Pearson 34cb  Sail #: 135


Skipper:  Benjamin Cuker  Class:  PHRF C  Make: Cal 3-30  Sail #: 15477


Skipper:  Elisabeth Biondi  Class:  PHRF N (1HS)  Make: Boman 46  Sail #: USA 53296


Skipper:  Kenneth Carbaugh  Class:  Cruising  Make: Olson 34  Sail #: 60811

Coeur d'Alene

Skipper:  Hank Giffin  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: Crealock 37  Sail #: 183


Skipper:  Andrew Spittler  Class:  Cruising  Make: Hunter 44 DS  Sail #: H44

Cruzan Lady

Skipper:  Jay Thompson  Class:  PHRF N (1HS)  Make: Hughes 38  Sail #: 3400


Skipper:  John Hill  Class:  CRCA (non-spin)  Jeanneau 54DS  Sail #: None


Skipper:  Greg and Carie Cutter  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: Andrews 28  Sail #: 2804


Skipper:  Mark Flaherty  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: Catalina 380  Sail #: 296

El Cid

Skipper:  John Thomas  Class:  Cruising  Make: Beneteau Oceanis 350  Sail #: None


Skipper:  Christopher French  Class:  PHRF B  Make: Canadian Sailcraft CS40  Sail #: 5225


Skipper:  Charles Grau  Class:  CMA/Multihull  Make: Performance Cruising Gemini 105MC  Sail #: 943

Flight Risk

Skipper:  Eric Brinsfield  Class:  Cruising  Make: Beneteau 473  Sail #: 60791

Flower of Caithness

Skipper:  Katie Guy  Class:  Cruising  Make: Blue Murray Peterson Schooner  Sail #: None

Freedom Won

Skipper:  Jimmy Schools  Class:  Cruising  Make: Call 2-29  Sail #: 490

Goose Egg

Skipper:  Kevin Old  Class:  Cruising  Make: Jeanne 409  Sail #: None

Grey Area

Skipper:  Robert Radam  Class:  PHRF A  Make: J 110  Sail #: 679


Skipper:  Karen Roberts  Class:  PHRF B  Make: J 30  Sail #: 22


Skipper:  Leonard Peterman  Class:  Cruising  Make: Beneteau 393  Sail #: 75254


Skipper:  Daniel Berger  Class:  PHRF B  Make: C&C 34  Sail #: 84042


Skipper:  Michael Barclift  Class:  Cruising  Make: Catalina 320  Sail #: 256


Skipper:  James Baker  Class:  PHRF N (1HS)  Make: ODay  Sail #: 62374

Knot Right

Skipper:  Gary Newton  Class:  CRCA (no spin)  Make: 1987 C & C  Sail #: 73041

Lew'S Cruise

Skipper:  Lawrence Lewandowski  Class:  PHRF N (2HS)  Make: C&C 32  Sail #: 23807

Livin the Dream

Skipper:  Jonathan Muhlendorf  Class:  PHRF A  Make: Jeanneau 439  Sail #: 439

Luna Blu

Skipper:  William Midgette  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: 1966 Bristol 39 Yawl CB TM  Sail #: USA 1710


Skipper:  Jack Clayton  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: Beneteau First 36.7  Sail #: 51791


Skipper:  Christian Schaumloffel  Class:  PHRF A  Make: Hobie 33  Sail #: 3113

Never Give UP

Skipper:  Rick Carroll  Class:  Cruising  Make: Island Packet  Sail #: 117


Skipper:  Joshua Jeyasingh  Class:  CMA/Multihull  Make: Leopard 48  Sail #: Leopard

No Pressure

Skipper:  Billy Hannigan  Class:  Cruising  Make: Jeanneau 36.2  Sail #: None


Skipper:  Bill Ripley  Class:  PHRF N (2HS)  Make: 36 Hinckley Yawl  Sail #: C59

Old Crow

Skipper:  Scott Nielsen  Class:  Cruising  Make: 1996 Hunter 37.5  Sail #: 37.5


Skipper:  Richard Hahn  Class:  Cruising  Make: Choey Lee 41 Offshore  Sail #: None


Skipper:  Bob Howell  Class:  PHRF N (1HS)  Make: farr  Sail #: 25352


Skipper:  Sean Flynn  Class:  PHRF N (1HS)  Make: C&C 40-2 CB  Sail #: USA 61438

Rare Vos

Skipper:  Dan Fox  Class:  CRCA (non-spin)  Make:  Cal 33-2  Sail #: 61086

Rebecca J

Skipper:  John Wandling  Class:  PHRF B  Make: J Boat  J27  Sail #: 40536

Red Frog

Skipper:  Randy Goodman  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: Sabre 38-2 WK  Sail #: 174


Skipper:  Donna DeSteph  Class:  PHRF N (2HS)  Make: Irwin 38  Sail #: 93475


Skipper:  Ethan Rule Class:  PHRF N (1HS)

Riff Raff

Skipper:  Don DeLoatch  Class:  PHRF A  Make: Melges 32  Sail #: USA 230

Sea Goat

Skipper:  Selo Qejvani  Class:  CRCA (non-spin)  1976 Seafarer Mk II  Sail #: S31


Skipper:  Charity Gavaza  Class:  Cruising  Make: Stevens 47 Cutter  Sail #: 43516

Serendipity Too

Skipper:  David Midkiff  Class:  CRCA (non-spin)  C&C 35-3 C/B  Sail #: 53165

Set Free

Skipper:  Robert Williams  Class:  CRCA (non-spin)  Hunter 460  Sail #: H460


Skipper:  Jerry Pattenaude  Class:  CMA/Multihull  Make: Leopard Catamaran  Sail #: None


Skipper:  Chris Whately  Class:  PHRF B  Make: Santana 30  Sail #: 87228


Skipper:  Tim Dull  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: Tartan 34 C  Sail #: 13190

Special K v.2.0

Skipper:  Al Brazzi  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: CS 30  Sail #: 4514

Sun Spur

Skipper:  Scott Titus  Class:  Cruising  Make: Alberg 30  Sail #: 235

Treasure Chest

Skipper:  Tim Etherington  Class:  Cruising  Make: Marlow Hunter 40  Sail #: None


Skipper:  John Atkinson  Class:  Cruising  Make: Beneteau 461  Sail #: 93434

The Schooner Virginia

Skipper:  Erik Lohse

Virginia Lee

Skipper:  Mike Brannon  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: C&C 36 MK1 CB  Sail #: 93295

Vooddoo 2

Skipper:  Leroi Lissenden  Class:  PHRF A  Make: Tripp/Holby 38  Sail #: 42449


Skipper:  Pete Hunter  Class:  PHRF A  Make: Thompson 30  Sail #: USA51171


Skipper:  Kip Davis  Class:  PHRF N (1HS)  Make: Morgan 323  Sail #: M32

Wind Dancer

Skipper:  Paul Clifford  Class:  CRCA (spin)  Make: C&C 37  Sail #: 31403

Wind Rush II

Skipper:  Stephen Butkus  Class:  Cruising  Make: sABRE 38  Sail #: S38

Winter Passage

photo coming soon

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