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Scheduled Training Events

    • Tuesday, April 30, 2024
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Norfolk Yacht and Country Club

    Broad Bay Sailing Association (BBSA), in conjunction with Norfolk Yacht & Country Club (NYCC) and Hampton Yacht Club (HYC) will provide a training and information session on:

    Provisioning for Cruising on the Lower Chesapeake Bay +
    - A panel discussion led by the experts - focusing on food

    • Tuesday, April 30th at 6 pm.  
    • Norfolk Yacht and Country Club
    • NYCC is offering a burger bar for $20.50 per person paid in advance when you register for the event online. Price includes tax and gratuity.  
    • Drinks will be available from the bar with credit cards only - no cash 

    Please sign up and join us for this first NYCC/BBSA joint training session. Everyone is welcome.  You must sign up by noon April 25, so NYCC can plan the food.  

    If you are planning to do some cruising, either locally or more extensively, come participate in this training event and learn from local experts!

    Interactive Panel Discussion

    Moderated by Eric Brinsfield, this panel discussion will include selected experienced cruisers and will be open for general discussion.  Each panelist will present a topic for about 10 minutes.  We all panelists are finished, we will open the floor for questions.  

    Panelists include:

    • Rick Sanford
    • Christina Ritger
    • David Midkiff
    • Donna Penne
    • Anne Squicciarini

    This training session will a focus on provisioning requirements/best practices/lessons learned for both short term cruises (I.e. weekends) as well as medium term cruises (1-2 weeks).

    Focus areas include:

    • Provisioning for your expected guest list.
    • Cooking and food preparation equipment.
    • Clean up lessons learned.
    • Meal planning and provisioning for 2-week cruise.
    • Tips for a small galley.
    • Staying cool while you cook in the hot summer.
    • Food storage best practices and general storage recommendations.
    • Making lists to organize your planning.  
    • Sample menus or recipes for the boat.

    During the open question period, any question related to provisioning is welcome.

    If you have a tried-and-true menu or recipe, please bring it to share or email to and we will post it on the website at:

"Broad Bay Sailing Association" is a non-profit organization. Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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