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Southern Bay Distance Racing Series

Administered by Broad Bay Sailing Association in collaboration with
Hampton Yacht Club, Old Point Comfort Yacht Club, Norfolk Yacht and Country Club, and CCV-Racing

Southern Bay Distance Racing Series (SBDRS)

The Southern Bay Distance Racing Series is a collection of sixteen distance races sponsored by various sailing and yacht clubs in the Southern Chesapeake that are summary scored to recognize the best distance sailing skipper and crew.   The clubs include: 

Of the sixteen CBYRA-sanctioned races, competition in seven (five for Cruising) are required for trophy consideration and generous throw-outs proportional to the total number of races sailed.  Sail your “…distance heart out” and be recognized by your fellow distance racers from across the Southern Bay.

Important Documents:

2023 Results:

 * Check the Racing Archive for results from past years.  

SBDRS Calendar


The Evolution of the Southern Bay Distance Racing Series - Nineteen Years of Distance Racing Recognition

In late 2003, the Broad Bay Sailing Association (BBSA) Vice-Commodore, Michael Nestor, proposed and gained support from the local sailing community at the individual to club level to have a season-long series (modeled after the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association (CBYRA) High Point Series and CCV High Point Series). The goals are to promote distance racing and recognize those skippers in the Southern Chesapeake beyond the windward-leeward regattas that abound.

The first year of the series was in 2004 as the Chesapeake Bay Distance Racing Series (CBDRS). There were a total of 5 races in the inaugural year.  BBSA hosted two races the first year.  CCV-Racing, Hampton Yacht Club, and Old Point Comfort Yacht Club hosted 1 race each. Additionally, the four hosting clubs funded the inaugural CBDRS trophies and have continued to fund the series and trophies every year. 

In 2012, the series name was changed to Southern Bay Distance Racing Series (SBDRS) to de-conflict with other series throughout the Bay incorporating Chesapeake in the title.  SBDRS is a collaborative effort of the local sailing clubs to get more boats out on the water, regardless of whether the boats are full on racers, racer-cruisers or pure cruisers.

The number of qualifying races has increased over time with notably Norfolk Yacht and Country Club in 2011 with Dink Vail and the Down the Bay Race added in 2016. The Round the Lights race sponsored by Old Point Comfort Yacht Club brings to 16 races available from April to October for skippers and their crews to show their mettle and skill in distance formats.

BBSA has administered the series since the beginning with collaborative and valuable inputs from all participating clubs.

"Broad Bay Sailing Association" is a non-profit organization. Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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