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Volunteering for the LWM Cape Charles Cup

On this page, you will find a list of the current Cape Charles Cup Committee members and volunteering opportunities.  If you are interested getting involved and helping BBSA present this event, please read further or sign-up to be a volunteer at
Register to Volunteer
You can always contact one of the committee members or reach out to the 2024 LWMCCC Committee Chair, Eric Brinsfield.  Read on for more....


 2024 Chair: Eric Brinsfield

  • Chairman Emeritus:  
    • Hank Giffin 
  • Principle Race Officer and Race Management: 
    • Jay Thompson - BBSA Racing Fleet Captain
  • Entry Coordination:
    • Tim Dull, Lead
    • Eric Brinsfield, Registration Data Management
  • Yearbook Coordination
    • Tim Holt - Coordinator, Designer, and Developer
    • Anne Baron - Boat Photo Manager and Yearbook Assistant
    • Eric Brinsfield - Boat Photo Manager and Content Assistant
  • Past Chairs
    • Al Brazzi
    • Randy Goodman
    • Hank Giffin
  • Advisors
    • Randy Goodman, BBSA Commodore
    • Scott Almond
    • Bob Oldani
  • Website Support
    • Eric Brinsfield
    • Scott Almond
  • Logistics Coordination (party, dockage, dinner, etc.)
    • Sergio Diehl - Cape Charles Coordinator
    • Al Brazzi - Skippers' Meeting Coordinator
    • Bob Oldani - Post Race Awards Social Coordinator
    • Rob Williams, BBSA Treasurer
  • Regalia Management and Sales
    • Fenton Priest
  • Sponsorship Coordination
    • Hank Giffin - Sales Coordinator
    • Randy Goodman - Sales Coordinator
    • Fenton Priest - Sales Coordinator
    • Eric Brinsfield - Sponsor Data Management
    • Andy Spittler - Sponsor Data Management
  • Mail Distribution Coordinator - Joe Lieberman

  • Contributing Fund Raisers
    • Carl Gade
    • Christina Ritger
  • Raffle and Auction Coordination
    • Bob Oldani - Raffle and Auction Coordinator
    • Scott Almond - Online Auction Coordinator

2023 Committee:
Left to right:  Tim Holt, Claude Speed, Randy Goodman, Jill Ivie, Hank Giffin, Stephanie Sweeney, David Midkiff, Bob Oldani, Jay Thompson, Eric Brinsfield, Tim Dull, Andy Spittler, Fenton Priest, Debbie Koelliker, Al Brazzi, Scott Almond.  

Volunteer Information and Registration

The Leo Wardrup Memorial Cape Charles Cup is sponsored and organized by volunteers.  If you have the desire to help, please
Register to Volunteer or simply call, text, or email Eric Brinsfield, the 2024 LWMCCC Chair.  We need people to help in advance of the races, during the races, during the socials, and after the races. 

You can offer as much or as little time as you can commit.  You can offer to lead or follow, but please consider volunteering.  Possible volunteering opportunities include:

Volunteers Needed

  • Trainees for future years:
    • 2025+ Chairperson 
    • 2025+ Yearbook Designer and Manager - FILLED!
    • 2025+ Coordinator for Events at Cape Charles
    • 2025+ Auction and Raffle Manager
  • 2024 Assistants and
    2025+ Data Management and Reporting Team, covering:
    • Sponsorship data management (currently MS Access),
    • Sponsorship data reporting,
    • Online registration support,
    • Registration data management,
    • Registration and regalia reporting,
    • Web page support.
  • Sponsorship Management Liasson
  • Sponsorship Team Volunteers

Miscellaneous Volunteers:
  • People who can run errands throughout the year – as needed and when available.  Sign up to be part of the volunteer pool.  
  • Data entry volunteers - occasional
  • Race committee members.
  • Skippers Meeting Support (Friday, Aug 9)
    • Servers for beer, wine, food
    • Truck loaders and unloaders
    • Venue setup team members
    • Truck driver Friday night
    • Friday night clean-up team
  • Cape Charles Event Support – usually staying on a boat
    • Truck driver from Norfolk to Cape Charles
    • Truck unloaders before Saturday social
    • Set up team Saturday afternoon
    • Dock hands Saturday afternoon
    • Clean up team Saturday night and/or Sunday morning
    • Truck loaders after social
    • Truck driver from Cape Charles to Norfolk

"Broad Bay Sailing Association" is a non-profit organization. Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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