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This link opens an new browser tab to a Smugmug site hosted by Eric Brinsfield.  The site contains photos collected since 2016.  Most of the photos were taken by Eric but several others have contributed, such as Stephanie DeMarco, George Hernandez, Donna DeSteph, Charity Gavaza, and others. 

If you have photos that you want to include on this site as a new gallery or in an existing gallery, please contact Eric at  He can provide you with an upload link.  

If you have a photo library that you would like to share and add to this page, please contact the webmaster.  We can add a link to your photo albums here.  


We upload photos to Facebook as well.  You can upload photos to the BBSA Facebook page by just putting them directly in the photos page or you can create an Album.  If members have uploaded photos into a Broad Bay Sailing Facebook Album, you can find those by going to the Broad Bay Sailing Facebook group.  In that page, you can click on Photos and then the Albums tab.   Albums are nice because they group photos together by topic or event and make finding them easier. 

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