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Upcoming cruising events

Cruising Calendar

Click on the Cruising Calendar link in the menu above to see all the planned upcoming cruises. All you need is a cruising boat and the desire to join others to the chosen destination. 

The BBSA Cruising Fleet Captain updates the calendar as cruises are added, changed, or canceled. You can click on the Register button to register for a cruise. Once you are registered you will receive an email confirmation and you will receive an automated email reminding you of the upcoming cruise a week or so before it takes place.  Or you can still call or email the Cruise Captain to RSVP. 

All the events, including cruises that you register for are tracked in your profile. Click on your name after you log in to see your profile. All cruises are also announced in the Banter newsletter. 

Most cruises are planned at the Cruise Kick-off Party at the first of the year. Additional cruises are often added during the sailing season. Please contact the Cruising Fleet Captain with any changes or additions so the Calendar can be updated. 

Cruise Captain's Blog and Announcements

You Know You Might be a Cruiser if...

  • You have a boat suitable for overnight cruises
  • You get your daily servings of fruit from rum drinks
  • You wait for the tide to turn the boat so you can get a better WiFi or cell phone reception
  • It has been over six months since you had decent TV reception
  • Your second car is a dinghy and your first car is your boat
  • Your good flip flops are your dress shoes
  • You have to visit more than two other boaters to find out the day of the week or date
  • You have completed an exhaustive comparison of ways to get weather forecasts
  • You forget to stop saying, “Over” when you chat on an actual telephone
  • You have a wide brim, floppy hat with a neck guard and you are not afraid to wear it
  • You blow a conch shell at sunset
  • Your new fragrance is bug spray mixed with sunscreen
  • You have a collection of left over laundry tokens
  • Amazon Prime knows you by your first name (when in the USA)
  • Amazon’s stock goes down when you are away from port
  • You slow down around anchored boats
  • Your favorite purse is waterproof, dries quickly and has a spare kill cord hidden inside
  • You wash out Ziplock bags
  • Your first aid kit has Super Glue in it

Relaxing in East River off Mobjack Bay

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