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2022 Cruising Survey Results

During the last month of 2021, we circulated a survey to our cruisers.  38 members responded to the survey and you will find the results below.  Watch our calendar for an Zoom event during which we will review these results and discuss options.  

Thanks to everyone who participated.  

Questions 1 and 2 were identifiers (name and email).  

Question 3:  Do you own or have access to use a cruising boat?

Comments from the Cruising Captain:  A few people responded to the survey who do not have their own boats, but are interested in cruising with member who do have boats.  If you are willing or interested in including crew on your cruise, please let us know.  Future cruisers want to learn.  

Question 4:  Do you consider yourself a cruiser?

Comments from the Cruising Captain:  I should have included an additional option here.  A few of the 7 above are really new to cruising and want to learn.  

Question 5: Given the right circumstances, do you want to join a BBSA cruise in 2022? 
(Please do not count the 4th of July cruise. We are trying to address other cruises.)

Comments from the Cruising Captain:  Looks like we should have lots of boats participating in cruises this year unless COVID puts a damper on congregations again.  If you don't join us but answered "yes" above, please let us know why you decided not to participate when the time comes. 

Question 6:  Please tell us what you would like to see BBSA offer in cruises in 2022.  Provide as much detail as you like.    

Because this was a free-form question, we cannot formally analyze the results, so we are just sharing the responses below.  We have removed any personal notes. 

  • Some new destinations
  • I am happy to anything schedule permitting.
  • Get together w/appetizer themes ~ ex: all tex mex or all asian style.   i really need to think about this and do not have time right now.  More activities ex:sail and then go on an archaeological dig
  • Would like to cruise to Washington DC in May.  Also will continue cruising in lower bay.   Pondering bigger trip to farther north.  "
  • Cruise up Chesapeake to Rivers above Baltimore where we have not been.  Also would like to return to the Wye River and St. Michaels.
  • We only have space in our schedule for 1 cruise a year.
  • Norfolk yacht club for seafood buffet weekend.... baseball cruise.... harborfest...
  • Cruiser seminars
  • Weekend or long weekend cruises
  • Up for anything. 
  • The main stays, YRYH, Cape Charles, St Michaels, Annapolis, Baltimore, Magathy River, Dozers
  • I consider myself more of a racer with a Cruising boat.  Someday I may go on a Cruise with the Club, but it is not a high priority right now.
  • Combining cruises with races might be fun and get more people involved.  Separating the cruisers from the racers seems to limit both groups from joining each other for fun and fellowship.  I understand some folks don't want to race and some racers may not want to cruise; however, I suspect there are some people that would enjoy both cruising and racing if given the opportunity.  For example, everyone meets up for a weekend cruise somewhere then we have a race back home once the cruise ends.  Basically, I enjoy both types of sailing and would enjoy something along the lines suggested.  I would be willing to help out if BBSA decides to do a trial Cruise to Race event in 2022.
  • Waterside, York River Yacht Haven, not too far
  • We prefer marina destinations.  We have a small dog and anchoring out does not work for us.  Also, we prefer destinations south of Deltaville.  I like to get in some sailing vs. motoring from destination to destination.  Spending more that one evening in a destination makes for a stress free experience and we get to spend more time with fellow sailors.
  • Would like to see some cruises north of the Rappahannock or Potomac.  

Comments from the Cruising Captain:  Seems like the requests are all over the chart, but with a long cruising season and a few simultaneous cruises, we should be able to meet everyone's needs.  We can discuss in the Zoom meeting.  


Question 7:  What are your cruising preferences?  Please check all that apply:  

Comments from the Cruising Captain: Based on the numbers above, most people are happy with both anchoring and going to marinas.  I know that marinas are the preference during the hotter months, so we will keep that in mind.  Only about half of the respondents were interested in "multi-week" or long distance cruises, so we will have a mixture with mostly local cruises.  

In the other category, cruisers suggested a DelMarVA cruise and an exploration of the Albemarle and Pamlico Rivers.  I take that to include the sounds also.  

Question 8:  Which months do you plan to or prefer to cruise with BBSA? 
(This does not include people who are cruising in the islands.)

Comments from the Cruising Captain:  Popular months range from May through October with a mixture of anchoring and visiting marinas.  

Question 9:  Would you be willing to lead a cruise for a weekend?

Comments from the Cruising Captain:  I am not sure why we have 12 "No" answers, but I hope we can help the "Maybe" and "not sure" group get over any hurdles to leading a cruise.  I know that many people do not know what is required or involved, but we can schedule a training and open discussion session to explain that.  

Question 10:  What cruising-related training would you like us to offer this winter, if any? 

Responses are listed below:

  • Hmm... I'm always open to new ideas.
  • What kind of crew are captains looking for? Requirements to be considered as crew?
  • How to lead a cruise, anchoring, rafting
  • I am new to sailing, all training is appreciated
  • Anchoring
  • Maybe a panel of our experienced cruisers on cruising necessities and suggestions
    • galley cooking demo
    • anchoring and safely rafting
    • weather mini course
    • summer celestial events
  • Anchoring techniques;  Best anchorages in lower bay; Solar panel choices and installation
  • I’d love to learn more about technicalities of cruising and connect more with others who are looking for cruising crew.
  • I would like to learn crewing for cruising; only done one season of crewing for local racing on 39’ yawl Luna Blu. My reference is Captain Keith Midgette.

  • "Cruising seminars:  
    • AIS 
    • LONG DISTANCE “pearls” panels"
  • Food storage and meals for cruising
  • I’d like to know more about destinations & places to visit along the Bay or the inter-coastal waterway. I am still working so long multi day cruises are appealing but not really practical for me.
  • Good planning ice box  
  • Anchoring not anchor sailing
  • Single-handed cruising

Comments from the Cruising Captain:  All good ideas.  We will do our best to work these topics into our training.  

Question 11:  Do you have any other questions or comments about cruising or about this survey?

Responses are listed below:

  • I just need more time on the water
  • In cruising planning, keep in mind, not all boats can cruise at 9 or 10 knots.
  • What cruising crew opportunities are available for those of us who do not have a sailboat?
  • Only my desire to grow in this skill, crewing for cruising.
  • Have a panel discussion with folks that have done long distance cruises
  • Looks like my job is going to take me out of country for a good part of 2022, so not sure how much sailing I'm going to be able to do in the upcoming year, but I want to stay connected in case there is a window where the stars line up correctly and I can participate in a cruise or two.
  • I normally cruise the Bay from mid-Sept to mid-Oct and wouldn't mind having some cruising boat buddies along for segments.

Comments from the Cruising Captain:  Thanks for all the feedback.  I hope that COVID does not slow us down this year, but we will take all of the suggestions into consideration.  

Look for a follow-up Zoom meeting to review these results and discuss options.  

Thanks, Eric

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