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Broad Bay Sailing AssociatioN

Wind-Blown Cruise

  • Sunday, July 05, 2020
  • Thursday, July 16, 2020
  • Chesapeake Bay

The Wind-Blown Cruise will be different from our prior year cruises.  The only plan will be to start at the Cape Charles City Docks on 3 July, but from that point on, where we go will be determined by the weather and the desires of the cruisers.  We will decide each evening at the cocktail hour (still observing the necessary social distancing) where our next destination will be, or whether we will just stay where we are.  A Cruise of this type will have its challenges. Who knows if we decide to go to a Marina, or whether there will be enough slips for our contingent.  For those that decide to do something different, to pop in or pop out of the cruise, we will have to set up a mechanism for you to stay abreast of where the main body of the cruisers will be in order to pop back in.  Then again, this will all be a part of the adventure. 

So, what is the plan:

3-5 July – Cape Charles City Docks (If you have not made reservations yet this might be difficult as the Marina is already full.  If you would like to go and do not have a reservation, please let me know and I will see what can be done.  If not, there is lots of room to anchor west of the City Docks and dinghy in.

This is listed as a separate event on the calendar because some people may only join us for the 4th.  

5-19 July – Up the group to where we will go.  Sundowners will of course be planned.  Hopefully we can rotate this with individual boats volunteering to host a dinghy raft up or docktail during the cruise.  During the Sundowner hour we will decide on our next destination.  If we decide on a Marina, I will try to set up a block with the Marina to let them know we are coming, but each Captain will individually have to call to make the necessary reservation.  Dinners or other activities will be up to each individual cruiser to make whatever plans either individually or in small groups. 

I do envision that we will probably spend more time at anchor than at Marinas, but this of course will depend on how hot it gets and whether there is room at the inn.  Remember to bring lots of toys to play, don’t forget those Super Soakers as they may be required to assist other cruisers in keeping cool.  As in past cruises and as a reminder, if someone swims over to your boat “Swimming for Drinks” the proper etiquette is to provide them an appropriate libation to ensure that this athletes strength is maintained.

If you are interested in joining this cruise, please RSVP here or contact me with questions.

S/V Modus Vivendi
(757) 635-1846

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