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Little Creek Sailing Association

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    • Saturday, February 18, 2023
    • ODU Constant Hall

    When a Proper Course... Ain't All That Proper
    By John McCarthy

    Saturday, February 18, 2023 0900-1200
    Old Dominion University – Constant Hall

    Sponsored by BROAD BAY SAILING ASSOCIATION and taught by John McCarthy – US Sailing Race Officer, Instructor, and Judge

    Cost = $20

    A racing rules seminar OPEN TO ALL taught in John’s Rules Made Easy style. Designed to simplify the complex approach often taken when discussing the rules.

    What you want to know about proper course... and when what applies:

    • What is a real proper course and who must sail one?
    • When and how much can I luff? When not?
    • What about "conversations" between boats?
    • What about at marks, starts, and finishes?
    • When does proper course, not really mean proper course?
    • Mast Abeam (just kidding!)
    • And, more... 

    Rules Made Easy Style

    • Deals with concepts, not memorizing rules
    • Scenario driven using magnetic boats on a whiteboard
    • Easy to understand and entertaining

    Casual approach with coffee and pastries throughout the morning

    For map to ODU Constant Hall and the 49th Street Stadium Garage (free parking on Levels 1-3):  

    NOTE:  Seminar guests can park for free on levels 1-3 (but not levels 4-5).
    Level 1 has hourly parking meters, but they do not operate on the guests can park in the metered spots without paying and not worry about tickets.

    For more seminar information, contact: John or Lin McCarthy or 757/850–4225

    Event Flier

    0830 Check-In

    0900 Presentation Begins

    1015 Break

    1030 Presentation Resumes

    1145-1200 Q&A

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